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Earn commission for referring qualified leads then again when leads become Partnerize clients!

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How the Partnerize Referral Program works:

Partnerize is the only partnership automation and services provider powering profitable growth for brands. When it comes to partnerships, every brand’s needs are unique, so why not refer them to a comprehensive solution that offers both software and expert services? And getting rewarded is easier than you think!


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Sign up and join the Partnerize Referral Program. If you’re a partner, consultant or even a brand yourself, you can refer prospective brands in your sphere of influence to join Partnerize .


Start promoting

Promote Partnerize to your network. Once you’re joined to the Partnerize Referral Program you can access and embed tracking links to include in your promotional materials. Recommend Partnerize on your website, emails, newsletters, social posts and other content. When a prospective client clicks and submits a lead, we will track the referral you made. The more you share promote and information about Partnerize, the better your earning potential!


Earn commission

Get paid. There are two ways to earn: You”ll earn commission when they submit a lead AND when they become a client offering a dual payout potential. We make it easy for partners to get paid by offering 2x monthly payment cycles across 60 different currencies.

Referring future clients pays!
(and it couldn’t be any easier!)

That’s right, Partnerize has done all the heavy lifting so all you have to do is the fun part: Share your link with prospective clients and get paid! That’s right, unlike other referral programs that pay out only when your referral becomes a paying client, Partnerize rewards you twice, paying once when we receive your *qualified lead and then again when your lead converts and becomes part of the Partnerize ecosystem. And to make the process even easier, we’ve created shareable assets and email templates that allow you to easily promote Partnerize as your #1 partnership management solution!

For existing Partnerize clients

As a client, you have firsthand knowledge and experience about realizing success through Partnerize. And your ability to convey that success to help other like minded brands helps everyone win! Whether at a trade show, during a zoom call or at a work mixer, think of all the conversations you’ve had with your peers about your wins and also about overcoming challenges.Bottomline is your sphere of influence is greater than you think! Why not get rewarded for your conveying stories and examples of your own success?


For existing Partnerize partners

As a publisher partner, you’re in the unique position of understanding exactly what it takes for a partnership to work with a brand making you uniquely qualified to share this with brands you think would be good fits for the Partnerize platform. What’s more is that you also have the opportunity to recommend brands that you may have worked with before or in a more limited capacity, to join you on a platform that makes partnering painless. Just remember, as a partner, your circle of influence is massive–and where you truly shine!

For businesses or technology providers …

As a business, technology provider or all around consultant in some capacity to Partnerize, you’re uniquely positioned to give recommendations on the tools and platforms you value most. In fact, it’s your expertise that is valued by those you work with and around. Perhaps you know of brands who are already in the space but are looking to step their program management up a notch, or are even interested in learning how to branch out on their own and self-manage their own program. Either way, Partnerize can help, and all it takes is one recommendation to get paid!


The power of influence!

No one understands the power of influence better than our industry and ecosystem! Entire movements can be created and product lines sold out at the very mention of a great opportunity.

Here, you become a partner of Partnerize when you exercise your influence and experience by recommending Partnerize to your industry colleagues, contacts, connections, and inner circle!

But don’t take our word for it!

Hear first hand directly from our clients and partners about why they consider Partnerize the leader in partnership automation and their number one choice in a partnership management solution.


Can anyone make client referrals to Partnerize?

As long as you’re part of the Partnerize ecosystem and have first-hand experience with success via Partnerize–whether as a brand, partner, technology provider, advisor etc.–you can make a client referral!

How do I apply to the referral program?

Signing up is quick and easy! You can do so by visiting our Referral Program Signup page.

I have a strong referral in mind right now. How do I submit this referral?

Your first step is to sign up for the referral program right here.

Once you do that, you’ll receive a customized referral link assigned just to you so all your referrals can be tracked back to you. From there, you’ll have two opportunities to earn! First, you’ll earn commission when you submit a lead AND when they become a client offering a dual payout potential. We make it easy for partners to get paid by offering 2x monthly payment cycles across 60 different currencies.

Can I track the progress of my referral?

Yes! Just like you, we use the Partnerize platform to track the referral as it moves through the acceptance cycle. Upon qualification, the status can be tracked by the referring partner right inside the platform or right here.

How do I get paid once the lead is qualified?

Unlike other referral programs who only pay once the lead becomes a paying client, Partnerize will pay you twice! The first time is upon lead qualification and the second time is upon conversion or when the lead signs on and officially becomes a Partnerize client.

How often are commissions on leads paid out?

All commissions will be paid no later than 45 days following the qualifying event for the lead qualification and then again 45 days after the lead signs on to become a client.

Is there a threshold of time that lead must convert to a client in order to receive the second payout?

Yes, all qualified leads must be converted to clients within 12 calendar months following the original lead qualification.

Is there a maximum pay out on leads referred?

Nope! You will get paid appropriately for every lead qualified and again for every qualified lead that becomes a Partnerize client.

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