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Pricing optionality.

Pricing built for your needs.

Partnerize understands how important determining the right pricing structure can be to your overall partnership success. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the way an organization establishes their channel budget. Therefore, we offer pricing optionality based on your brand’s unique needs as not every brand budgets for their partnership program in the same way. 

For example, some brands set a fixed budget at the start of their fiscal period while other brands may have the flexibility to earmark additional budget for re-investment based on achievement to  channel growth and performance targets.  

As such, Partnerize offers both a license model and a performance-based structure to cater to whichever aforementioned needs your brand falls under, meaning whether your budget is set from the start of the year or funded fluidly based on your channel growth and performance.

No matter what your needs are, with pricing optionality, you're in control.

In order to arrive at the best possible pricing model for you, there are elements we need to consider. Let’s break these elements down for you in our most common pricing scenarios.

Platform pricing

Fixed license fee 

Percentage-based fee

Service level

Full program management


Agency supported

Program structure

One campaign or many

Single region or global

# of currencies supported


How does Partnerize pricing work?
We offer pricing optionality giving brands the freedom to select performance-based pricing OR a platform license fee. Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to budgeting, we believe in extending pricing model optionality to ensure our model aligns with your organization’s approach.
How much does Partnerize cost?

The thoughtful answer is it depends. Because we’re affording you the ultimate optionality, to truly present an accurate pricing range, your costs may vary based on factors including whether you have an existing partnership program in place as well as whether you’re using Partnerize purely for platform access or if you’re also in the market for a service component.  

The easiest and fastest way to get you a quote would be to answer a few questions and we’ll review and get back in touch with you as quickly as possible.

What’s the fine print? Are there any add ons or hidden fees?
No. Our pricing is all inclusive. We don’t institute tariff-based pricing or charge overage penalties when your program performs above expectations, nor are there additional or extra fees for program integrations.

Let’s get some info.

We’d love to prepare a customized proposal for you! So, we’ll need to get in touch with you to gather a few pieces of key information that enables us to provide you with accurate pricing info. Simply fill out the form to get started.

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