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Drive results with communication, collaboration and commissioning flexibility.

Drive results with progressive communication, collaboration and commissioning flexibility.

Last-click partners are not exclusive contributors to conversions—valuable touchpoints occur across the entire path to purchase. Manage provides you with necessary flexibility and transparency to deploy effective communications and equitably reward partners for their role in the consumer conversion journey, thereby further incenting these partners to fuel your unique business goals.

Pay for outcomes, not access.

Legacy affiliate networks foster relationships with last-click partners, limiting your ability to appropriately maximize the benefits of diverse partner types. Partnerize lets you maintain control over spend while equitably rewarding partners by commissioning dynamically on your desired outcomes.

Easily adapt to the changing consumer journey.

Consumer behavior has shifted—customers are holding the reigns, and marketers are no longer in control. As a result, omnipresence is quickly growing in both cost and complexity. Adapt to the ever-changing consumer journey by implementing spend allocation tools and attribution functionality that rewards partners equitably for their contribution to your results at any point in the consumer journey.

Learn more about optimization efficiencies available in Manage in our ebook, The Partnership Portfolio.

Create efficiencies with automation capabilities.

Marketers need time-saving tools so that they can stay focused on what really matters: driving profitable growth. Manage automates traditionally manual optimization tasks such as dynamic reward structures, action-based partner messages and spend allocation to create efficiencies that let you focus on strategy.

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Partnerize is the first affiliate platform we have implemented at TSB and it has been incredibly effective in tracking the performance of our select group of partners. With support from the Customer Success Team at Partnerize we are able to identify, communicate with, track and pay publishers who align with our KPIs. We are able to monitor the entire customer journey from the first touchpoint of quote request, through to actual purchase. This provides fantastic insights around the behaviour of consumers who use aggregator partners, with details including abandonment, decision processing times and completion rates, enabling us to optimise campaigns to provide consumers with the most appealing offer, that will ultimately lead to greater conversions.
Luke Farley
Partnerships Manager

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