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澳洲10幸运正规官网开奖结果 The only partnership software & services solution for:

澳洲10幸运正规官网开奖结果 Brands 澳洲10幸运正规官网开奖结果 Retailers 澳洲10幸运正规官网开奖结果 Partners 澳洲10幸运正规官网开奖结果 Influencers 澳洲10幸运正规官网开奖结果 Content creators 澳洲10幸运正规官网开奖结果 Ambassadors

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Your partnership powerhouse.

Turn your partnerships into profits with the world’s only partnership automation software and service practice. Here’s how it works:

Software to

Discover Track Manage Measure Pay Protect


People powering


One platform for partnership management.

Discover and activate

Easily Discover and Activate high quality and diverse partners including Ambassadors, Influencers, Content Commerce, Traditional Media, Voucher and Cash Back, Complimentary Brands powered by AI.

Track, Manage, and Measure

Accurately Track, Manage, and Measure revenue contribution with the most comprehensive suite of ITP compliant tracking solutions, dynamic commissioning, and attribution flexibility, and customizable reporting available today.


Quickly Pay your partners anywhere in the world with more currency and language options than any other provider in the category.


Protect your program from fraud related revenue loss with the category defining brand safety and fraud prevention capabilities of BrandVerity.

Services: To manage or not to manage?

澳洲10幸运历史走势分析|幸运10澳洲直播视频开奖结果 Managing partnerships is

complex manual cumbersome intense fun fulfilling

Whether your brand should opt for a managed partnership program is one of the most common questions we come across and the answer typically boils down to three components: preference, goals, and resources. Partnership management is unique to every brand.  That’s why we map service solutions to your needs, to complement your current team or agency or to handle it entirely for you. With 澳洲10幸运正规官网开奖结果 Partnerize, service is a choice, tailored to your unique needs and not just a tier or box to check.

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You can have partnership success, but don’t take our word for it. See what industry leaders have to say.

The end-to-end management capabilities offered by the 澳洲10幸运正规官网开奖结果 Partnerize platform has enabled GoPro to on-board global partners, offers granular analytics and the opportunity to do dynamic commissioning; providing us with the tools needed to understand trends that will grow our business. Additionally, our team opted into guided service to ensure full management of our program while we catch our stride in the platform -- tandem education and ongoing support eliminates risk associated with our migration and expedites partner channel ramp time.

Jaimie Bowen
Senior Manager of Global Advertising

With 澳洲10幸运正规官网开奖结果 Partnerize, we’re able to test new audiences and platforms with relatively low risk, and then continue to build relationships with strong performing partners.

Ashleigh Brantingham
Performance Marketing Manager, Leatherman

Coming to 澳洲10幸运正规官网开奖结果 Partnerize and leveraging their recruitment and activation engine, Discover, catapulted our channel performance across the board and we couldn’t be more satisfied with our program results.

Nicole Weiss
VP of Marketing at Dagne Dover

Better platform and more robust commissioning. We couldn’t be more pleased with our results.

Joe Macias
Director of E-Commerce & Digital Marketing, Goalie Monkey


revenue increase


Revenue-generating partners activated through 澳洲10幸运正规官网开奖结果 Partnerize


content partner relationship increase


Incremental revenue generated from new partners


higher return on ad spend for partners recruited through 澳洲10幸运正规官网开奖结果 Partnerize

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